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«Matthew’s laws»

«Matthew’s laws»

Title: Matthew’s laws

Director: Marc Schmidt 


Release date: 2011 

Running time: 72 minutes

Matthew’s Laws is a portrait of Marc Schmidt’s school friend Matthew and is so far his most personal film. Marc Schmidt films his childhood friend Matthew, who, due to his autistic disorder, desperately tries to create order in the chaos around him. Schmidt follows him close to the heart. Explosive confrontations with the outside world are alternated with stylized observations and personal confessions. Little by little the film unravels Matthew’s complex way of thinking and shows the catastrophic consequences it eventually has for him.

Production: Basaltfilm

Producer: Simone van den Broek 

Marc Schmidt

Marc Schmidt (1970) works as an independent director and location sound mixer of documentary films. After studies in filmtheory (UtrechtUniversity) and media arts (TilburgArtAcademy), he initially worked as a sound engineer and video editor on a variety of film projects. He also directed a few short fiction films. But directing documentaries raised his interest, and gradually became his main occupation.

The role of social codes in our lifes is a recurrent theme in his work. Among his films are Schoolyard, a conceptual documentary about a schoolyard, filmed from his balcony and Bidcatcher, a visual impression of an auction, which won the prize for best documentary at the Tampere Filmfestival. Currently he is developing The Chimpanzee Complex, about the social process among traumatized chimpanzees.