Фестиваль Саратов
Дневник фестиваля

«March! March! With your left!

«March! March! With your left!

Russia, Moscow, 2012, 71 min.

Screenwriter and director: Evgenija Montanja Ibanes

Cinematographers: Gennadij Dubin, Tatjana Fedorova 

The coordinator of the opposition movement ‘Left Front’ Sergei Udaltsov spent more than two months over the past year in detention. In prison he declared a dry hunger-strike against the illegal detentions at rallies and on the way to a rally.

He was hospitalized several times because his health deteriorated during the hunger-strikes. The controversial leader of the Russian opposition is surrounded by people who are more mysterious than he is. Why do these people go behind Udaltsov to rallies and decide on a hunger-strike and are ready to jump off the Crimean Bridge? 

Production:MontanaIbanez Production

Producer: Evgenija Montanja Ibanes