Фестиваль Саратов
Дневник фестиваля

«24 buckets, 7 mice, 18 years»

«24 buckets, 7 mice, 18 years»

Director/Scriptwriter: Marius Iacob 

Director of photography: Marius Iacob 

Editing/Sound: Marius Iacob / Vlad Voinescu 

A unique way of life that repeats itself every day, slowly transformed Imre and Piroska in some museum exhibits. In a quiet and isolated world we meet a couple whose existence begins to depend on the interaction with a different world and the absurd within. Yet, their life stands still, like in a museum diorama, from which they are trying to break through.

Producer: Adina Pintilie

Executive producer: Vlad Voinescu / Marius Iacob 

Associate producer: Rocket Superbe

Produced by: MANEKINO FILM



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