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Documentary film Oasis brings together series of confessions and revelations. Oasis is a small world of opposites. It depicts the life of HIV-positive Maya natives in the conservative society in Yucatán, Mexico. 

Oasis is a safehouse, which provides treatment and care for the HIV infected Mayans. The occupants face many prejudices in their lives; agains their heritance, their sexual orientation and the infection they’re carrying. In addittion to providing a home and shelter, Oasis also works as a spokesman for the human rights in the region of Yucatán. 

The film gives voice to those, who doesn’t have it. It follows the lives of Gerardo Chan Chan, Deborah and Reyna Patricia in and out of Oasis. It analyzes prejudices of which the HIV-positive society in Yucatán suffers, and also misunderstandings and neglect against the reasons and risks of HIV infection. 

Even though the film deals with serious and current issues, it is all in all a film about positivity in life and finding hope even there, where it can feel difficult to be seen.  

Production: Oktober Oy

Producers: Joonas Berghäll, Katja Gauriloff, Joonas Kauppinen

Alejandro Cárdenas 

Alejanro Cárdenas was born in Northern Mexico, 1975. He studied economics in Monterrey University Mexico, but from a young age he has worked as a reporter. Later on he started to work with films as an editor and assistant director e.g. 

Alejandro moved to Finland seven years ago, and nowadays he lives in turn in Finland, Mexico and Italy. Oasis is Alejandro´s directional debut.